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I am currently employed as a Lead Product Development Manager at AT&T (Internet of Things Division). I have 20 + years of experience working in Information Technology in a technical role, many a times being the only woman in a team of architects. I started my academic journey at Univ. of Michigan where I got my PhD in Chemistry. I was very interested in the emerging field of bioinformatics and so I decided to get a degree in Computer Science. After getting a MS in Computer Science at Oakland University, I started my professional career working for Unigraphics as a Lead Tester for a PLM (Product Life Cycle Management) product. Within a year, I was recruited by a team that was building the next version of the PLM software in Java, a cutting edge technology in 1999. I continued to grow in the role first as a programmer, then team lead and eventually as an architect. In 2001, I moved to General Motors to work at OnStar, a telematics company working on Connected Cars. I was a Technical lead on the Vehicle Communication Platform working on cutting edge technology. I received several accolades including CIO Award for technical solution and Team Leadership award. I have continued to learn earning certifications as programmer and project management. In 2009, I founded a startup called Signific Solutions to provide consulting services to companies in the Biotech domain and Telematics domain. In the same year, I also started a nonprofit company called Academic Center of Sciences with the goal of bringing advances concepts in science to middle school and high school students. I trained multiple teams of middle school and high school teams to compete in national STEM based competitions. Several of these students have now gone on to join top universities pursuing STEM based careers. In 2011, I moved to Shanghai due to family circumstances. I continued my work with students starting the robotics program at Shanghai American School. I started the program with 4 students which has since then grown into a mature program within multiple international schools in Shanghai. In 2013, I moved back to the US and started working at AT&T in my current position. In January 2015, I started the local chapter of Girls Who Code, backed by the support of Women of AT&T Employee Resource Group. It has been a successful initiative and we have seen a growth of 100% per year with 23 girls enrolled in the class this year. Through the sponsorship we have been able to get women leaders share their path to success in a technology field. This club has created an environment for girls to learn, to take risks, share their ambitions and ideas. I hope to continue this program in the years to come with grants and sponsorship's from national organizations and corporations.