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Doctorate Degree in Curriculum and Instruction Master's Degree in Computer Information Technology bachelor's Degree in Biology Awards and Recognition: • 2017-18 College Board: National AP CS reader • 2015-18 CMS AP Master Teacher for AP Computer Science and AP Computer Science Principles • 2013 CMS Teacher of Excellence • 2012 National Chinese Language Conference presenter • 2010- 2012 College Board StarTalk Chinese Instructor • 2008 First Year Teacher Award PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: 2014 – present South Mecklenburg High School, Charlotte, North Carolina AP Computer Science, Mathematics, and Computer Science Principles Teacher • Initiated, developed, and taught the AP Computer Science Principles course in CMS • Designed and delivered District level PD Sessions for all AP CS/APCS Principles teachers in CMS • Coached and mentored all new AP CS and AP CS Principles teachers in CMS • Actively modeled best practices for AP CS/AP CS Principles courses • Created and led PLC PD Sessions for CMS District program coordinators • Mentored new teachers • 2016-17 CMS AP Master Teacher for AP Computer Science and AP Computer Science Principles • 2015-16 CMS AP Master Teacher for AP Computer Science • Advised the Principal in creating the high school level continuation program for the Chinese Immersion program 2010 – 2012 College Board StarTalk Chinese Instructor, Queens University Summer Institute, Charlotte, North Carolina 2008 – 2014 E.E. Waddell Language Academy, Charlotte, North Carolina Chinese Immersion Program Coordinator and Chinese Immersion Program Lead Teacher • Chinese Immersion Program Coordinator • Taught 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade Chinese language immersion classes • Coached, mentored, conducted PD, coordinated materials selection, and created instructional materials for the teachers in the Chinese Language Immersion Program • Organized cultural events at the school level and state level • Developed and led PD sessions for high school Hanban guest teachers through the NC Center for International Understanding and the College Board • Designed the K-6 Chinese language immersion curriculum for the program • Created a K-8 Chinese Calligraphy Program; collaborated with the Confucius Institute to host calligraphy instructors and deliver instruction • Started the Confucius Classroom at Waddell; collaborated with the Confucius Institute 2001 – 2006 ST. PAUL TRAVELERS CO., Hartford, Connecticut Information Systems Programmer: Prepared and provided program specifications. Assessed clients’ business needs, utilized program specifications, and developed effective programming solutions. Ensured timely and accurate execution of production jobs, as well as identified and remedied roadblocks. • Developed functional applications with user groups, assisting in definition of work/data flow and providing exceptional system support for claim systems and financial systems • Prepared operational support using job control languages, processing sequences and relationships, error handling procedures, output distributions, and backup/recovery methods • Conducted training of junior programmers