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Sheila is a junior at Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology (TJHSST). She has 5 years of Java, Python, and HTML programming experience and has participated in numerous computer science competitions.Through her long-term exposure to computer science and seeing its important effects on society, she knows the value of coding and understands how computer science is an important tool and mechanism for effecting positive change. She has competed/still competes in technology competitions like the Technology Student Association and the American Computer Science League (4 year all-star winner) and innovation challenges like Conrad Spirit of Innovation (national semi-finalist and finalist), Toshiba ExploraVision (national honorable mention), and research competitions like the Siemens Foundation (national semi-finalist) and the Sigma XI Student Research Conference. In all these competitions, she has achieved national success. By developing a mobile application called Bright Minds that helps children with learning disabilities cope with academic environments, she uses her skills to create apps that have practical applications in the real world. By promoting opportunities to underprivileged women through web platforms, by volunteering and serving in leadership positions in local organizations that promote STEM and being a leader in her school clubs, Sheila recognizes the value of education in computer science and strives to convey this recognition to those around her.