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Sharon graduated from Henry M. Gunn High School in 2015. She had taken two programming courses in freshman year that drew upon the traditional UC Berkeley Computer Science course material. She later went on to self-study for the AP Computer Science Exam. A great technical accomplishment she has is making one of her mobile applications. She learned programming Android in Eclipse and iOS in Objective-C through industry contacts. The mobile application she is most proud of is Tall Tree Teens, a civic engagement Android application that uses PHP, XML, Java, JSON, and her own data server. She led the application development within Girls Tech Club at Gunn High School, of which she is President. This monumental piece of technology encourages a more representative, innovative, and inclusive community. She has an insurmountable amount of perseverance, motivation, and curiosity, supplemented by encouragement from her mentors and peers. Her inspiration to follow her aspirations in computing has come from her classmates and teachers, making her tackle intense programming challenges. These people have encouraged her with helpful criticism and deserved comments, along with providing her problems to think about and work out. In the future, she would love to be a principal investigator at a university laboratory, professor at a community college, chief executive officer of a technical company, dean of an engineering school, or founder and head of an exceptionally influential start-up. But to get to there, she will first pursue advanced computing degrees at an institute for higher learning. Sharon is interested in application development, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, information science, mathematical computation, linguistics, biophysics, electronics, and nanotechnology. Her favorite role model is Alan Turing.