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The summer of her Junior year, Serena did not know what she wanted to do with her life. How could someone at the age of only sixteen. However, she decided to take her schools new Game Design and Advance Game Design class because it sounded like fun. However, what she did not know is that this fun sounding class would be a life changing experience where she would find her passion and what she would want to do for the rest of her life. While taking her game design class, Serena had created her own version of classic video games, such as hangman, pong, and space invaders, by adding her own twist on the game element. For her hangman game, Serena was assigned to create an ordinary hangman game with words that are just six letters long. However, Serena took this task even further and going beyond what was asked in class by creating code to pick randomly the size that the word should be. Over the summer of her senior year, she also took classes in Python in order to further her passion in computer science. One of Serena’s favorite projects to date was a project where she could create her own video game. What she decided to do was create a maze game where the player was stuck in a maze trying to survive while the player was loosing hunger and thirst points. There were portals in the game and a monster that if the player touched, they would instantly lose the game. Serena was proud of her creation because she went above and beyond the required pieces that her game required. Serena could have just made a simple maze game but instead she added more complicating parts to her game to always keep the players on their toes. In the end, her final creation was an extraordinary creation which helped her realize her passion for creating video games. For her senior year, Serena wanted to pursue more into computer science by taking the AP Computer Science Principles course. In this class, Serena has made it a goal for herself to go beyond what she is asked to do in class. With every project that that has been completed in class, Serena has added more to her assignments then what she was required to do. This shows how her love for Computer Science is showing in the classroom where she wants to challenge herself to the best of her own abilities. For example, there was an assignment where she had to create code where she had to report a grade that was reported. What Serena did, was that she created a grade calculator to calculate all grades she imported. Her passion for computer science leads her to go above and beyond in the classroom. Serena’s future plans include envision her creating her own video game company. However, before she is able to start her own company, Serena wishes to go to college and study Game Design as her first choice major. In college, she hopes to learn more about graphic design skills to help her create more interesting characters for her video games. After collage, Serena wishes to join big gaming companies such as EA or Mojang and work on their sandbox world games such as The Sims or Minecraft. Serena wants to give players to not feel limited in their game. When she creates her own video game company, Serena hopes to create and Sandbox world herself and give gamer's the opportunity to never feel limitless.