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Selinah is a current high school junior who loves neuroscience and computer programming. She was first introduced to programming in the AP Computer Science class she took sophomore year. Since then, she has been captivated by computer science, and wants to pursue a job related to the field. By the time Selinah graduates high school, she will know three different coding languages: Java, Python, and Swift. In early 2016, along with a few of her fellow programmers, she founded her high school's chapter of the national organization Girls Who Code. Selinah also competes in the USA Computing Olympiad at the Gold level. Her greatest technical accomplishment to date is creating a functioning iOS app at a hackathon, MHacks. In addition, she is a USFSA Gold Medalist figure skater who aspires to compete at the national level. In the future, Selinah wants to research artificial intelligence, using her knowledge of neuroscience and programming to create the most human-like artificial brain yet.