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Sayli is the founder and leader of the AspireIT workshop "Girls Can Too!" where she worked to expose middle school girls to careers in STEM. She is science research award winner in bioinformatics, and has worked as a research intern at a local hospital, using the power of data analytics and programming to determine the best ways to identify and define debilitating diseases. Specifically, she completed an independent summer study where she determined a novel approach to sepsis prediction and identification using the programming language R as well as an extensive knowledge of the institution's data warehouses. She is a leader in her school and her community, holding officer positions in many of the prestigious organizations offered, including class president. She loves using technology to spread awareness about the healthcare problems that world faces today, and hopes to eliminate the gender gap in access to STEM education. A senior in high school, she would like to continue her journey in technology and medicine throughout the rest of her high school, college, and professional career.