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Savitha Srinivasan is a junior at Interlake High School. She is a researcher, dancer, and STEAMnist, passionate about using tech for social change. Savitha’s interest in technology was sparked in middle school when she enrolled in a computational biology summer course. Having dreamed of being a pediatrician since age 5, she was amazed by how a language she was familiar with—DNA and proteins—could so effortlessly be translated into Python algorithms. CS had reshaped her dreams: she wanted to be a scientist at the heart of cutting-edge computational biology research. Determined to innovate her own CS+Bio solutions, Savitha took AP CS as a freshman and self-learnt Python and machine learning in her spare time, poring through GoogleTensorflow tutorials and online Stanford CS lectures. In her freshman year, after learning about the frequent breakdowns in the health care provider-patient network, Savitha recognized the need to develop automated tools for early diagnosis of diseases. Thus, Savitha developed a novel machine learning approach using convolutional neural networks to diagnose melanoma from dermoscopic images; her research was recognized by: 2017 Intel International Science & Engineering Fair and MIT THINK. Over the past year, she developed a machine learning model that can predict new genomic elements, and thus significantly accelerate scientific research related to cancer and autism. Her research has been recognized with 2018 Intel ISEF 2nd Place Grand Award Winner in Robotics & Intelligent Machines, AAAI Honorable Mention, and 2019 American Junior Academy of Sciences delegate. However, from her experiences in tech, Savitha consistently noticed that she was one of a few girls in a male-dominated field. After interviewing her peers, Savitha realized few women and minorities pursue tech because they are intimidated by how it is taught. An accomplished Indian classical dancer and violinist herself, Savitha founded She Codes Art ( an international non-profit that uses a unique art-driven curriculum, revolutionizing how minorities learn STEM. Savitha has been recognized for her successful leadership as a Stanford she++ #include fellow. Additionally, Savitha is the Founder & President of her school’s FBLA chapter and is passionate about business and entrepreneurship. In the future, Savitha aspires to work at the forefront of cutting-edge AI + medical research in the heart of Silicon Valley, perhaps, as the founder of her own startup.