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Sarah is a sophomore at The Founders Academy Public Charter School. Her passion for programming began in sixth grade. Since then, she has pursued her interest by attending various computer science and programming seminars at the MIT ESP programs, and also by attending conferences and hackathons. Over the summer, she helped mentor at CodeIT Girls, established by a fellow NCWIT affiliate winner. This was a positive experience as it gave her the opportunity to help teach the next generation of computer scientists. She is currently in AP Computer Science A, where she is learning Java. She hopes to attend college and obtain a degree in computer science. Sarah has always had a passion for human biology and would love to combine computer science and biomedicine in her future career. To date, Sarah's greatest technical accomplishment has been creating an app for Android devices that focuses on eye health in the digital age, reminding users to follow the 20-20-20 rule. Sarah is also an avid competitive swimmer and has created an app to help swim coaches calculate their swimmers' velocity data.