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Sarah is a senior in the STEM program at North County High School. During her freshman year, she discovered her love for computer science because of the freedom she had to explore without any materialistic barriers. Since then, she has worked on several projects and competed at several hackathons. In the summer of 2019, Sarah was selected to participate in the MIT Online STEM Community (MOSTEC), where she studied Machine Learning and created an ML model that accurately predicted the situations of orthopedic patients based on bone data. She presented this project with her partner at MIT during the MOSTEC Conference. Through the skills and experiences Sarah has gained in competitions such as Technica, Technology Students Association, and American Computer Science League, Sarah has become more confident in pursuing technology as a career. Although she has accomplished many things, she believes she still has a long way to go, and is determined to reach her goal of becoming an influential and inventive computer scientist and engineer. Sarah thinks she can truly call herself successful when she sees her work helping others in a way that enhances their lives and invigorates their creativity. In the fall of 2020, Sarah will be attending Stanford University as a Quest Scholar and a Gates Scholar. Through the opportunities the next four years will bring, Sarah is confident that she can make her dreams come true.