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Sarah is a senior at the College Preparatory School in Oakland, CA. She first became interested in computer science after taking an Arduino class during her 8th grade summer. Since then, she has completed many programming classes, such as the NextGen Tech Learning python class, multiple Arduino workshops, and the Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program at GE Digital. The programming languages she knows are Python, JavaScript, HTML, Git, Arduino/C, and CSS. She founded the Girls Who Code Club at her school and enjoys introducing people in her community to computer science. She is also the leader of the ITS (Innovative Tech Students) Crew on campus and teaches other students how to use machines such as the 3D printer, laser-cutter, and sewing machine. Additionally, she is part of the #BUILTBYGIRLS WAVE program, which has connected Sarah to leading women in the tech field, and served as an ambassador for the program over the summer. She has participated in the Verizon App Challenge since freshman year. Last year Sarah took the Johns Hopkins CTY Java online course, and this year she is taking AP Computer Science through Johns Hopkins. Sarah is most proud of two websites she helped create. First, she helped code a global warming awareness website that displays up-to-date CO2 emissions and air quality information from major cities around the world. In addition, the website provides information about how to reduce your carbon footprint and helps the user visualize the amount of CO2 emissions produced from major cities through an interactive map. During this project, she learned about data science, requesting information from API’s, parsing databases, and UI/UX design. Sarah also created a middle school debate website, Debate Nirvana. When she was in middle school, the debate program was still in its early years and there was no website that specifically catered to middle school debaters. To solve this problem, Sarah and her brother programmed a website that teaches debaters new skills, provides advice on debate strategies, and presents research on over 70 topics. The website has received over 51,000 unique visitors and has over 450 active members. Today, she is in charge of keeping the website up-to-date by posting research about the newest tournament topics and writing blog posts where she gives advice to debaters. Being a previous winner of the Nor-Cal Middle School Debate Championship herself, Sarah especially enjoyed coding this website because she is able to help the next generation of middle school debaters succeed. Besides coding, she is a very active member in her school community, including being a Science Olympiad Team Captain and Varsity basketball Captain, and competing in Varsity Public Forum debate. She judges at local middle school debate tournaments and volunteers to run crafts and games at her town's community events. She’s also very interested in biology, and has taken Paleobiology, Fast-Paced Biology, and Genetics during her 7th grade, 8th grade, and 9th grade summers through the Johns Hopkins CTY Summer Intensive Program. This past summer, Sarah took part in the UC Davis Young Scholars Program, where she spent six weeks conducting high-level research on genetically modifying tomatoes to reduce postharvest chilling injury. She wrote a 10-page research paper about her novel finding and delivered a 15 minute speech and Q&A about her finding. In the future, Sarah would like to attend a top research university and continue her education in the biology and computer science fields.