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Sara Burns

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Charismatic, high achieving, and innovative are words that describe Sara-Burns. As you watch her on the soccer field, computer lab, classroom, and even volunteering in Radiology at the Hospital, you can see these characteristics shining throughout her life. Her peers recognize her collaborative spirit, as evidence by them voting her captain of the soccer team. Willingness to help others and work together make her the go-to person when family and friends have technological issues. The plethora of academic awards, from the headmaster's list to spelling bee winner, are a testament to her high standard of academic excellence. Over the years, she has won the Coach’s Award, Physical Fitness Award, and recently donned a high school state ring. As a starter in 8th grade on the Varsity team, her leadership continued to build. Now, as a 10th grader, her coach has recognized that her charisma encourages even the seniors on the team to put their best foot forward. Last year, when learning the Python language in ninth grade, she coded a game that helped the ethics in medicine to be more understandable. This game, with over 1000 self-taught lines of code, 12 levels, and realistic problems in the medical field is her greatest technical accomplishment so far. However, she has many more achievements that come very close. Sara-Burns made two mobile device apps, one that focused on helping people with anxiety. The other took all the ingredients in your kitchen and came up with recipes you could make depending on your time, people serving, and kitchen skills. She coded robots and simulated autonomous cars with her programming qualifications, as well. Sara-Burns will go to college and, right now her plan is to major in computer science. However, she is acutely aware that the field of technology is constantly changing. So, she is excited about the possibilities of paths in technology that are not even identified yet. However, for now, in tenth grade, she will be focused on learning more about coding languages, drones, robots, VR, Maya software, computer programs, and many more over the course of three years. Sara-Burns is very eager and excited to see where technology can take her in her future.