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Sanjana Kargi is a 16 year old senior at Hillcrest High School. Sanjana has never been content with being simply an observer in her education. Most recently, this meant applying to be a part of the Utah State Board of Education's Student Advisory Council, a group of chosen representatives from each of the 15 educational districts to work with the Board of Education members on more accurately assist students and ensure that the student perspective is being taken into account during policy making. Sanjana was voted to serve as the Vice-Chair for the 2018-2019 term, and she is now the Chair after being voted in for the current school year. Sanjana has been pursuing an interest in science from a young age, particularly biology. She recently worked on creating a machine learning model that can predict mutations in the transcriptional activity of the protein p53, a tumor suppressor whose mutations are the cause of over 50% of all human cancers. She developed this program using her vast knowledge of computer science and programming, an interest which pushed her to complete an Oracle certification for Java. Sanjana's machine learning project took her to Intel International Science and Engineering Fair as well as HOSA Future Healthcare Professional International Leadership Conference where she placed 4th overall. This was a first for her school, which didn't have a HOSA club until Sanjana co-founded the club that year. Sanjana is also a natural-born leader with a love of public speaking. She has held leadership positions in her school's National Honor Society and Students Council all throughout high school and even placed first in the State Technology Student Association's Extemporaneous Speech competition. In her free time, Sanjana is often dancing, learning Bharathanatyam at her mother's studio since the age of 7. Sanjana recently completed her Arangetram, a grueling two-hour Bharathanatyam performance which represents graduation for the dancer. Sanjana now hopes to help her mother by teaching and choreographing at the studio.