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Sadhana is a junior at Poolesville High School and a computer science enthusiast interested in artificial intelligence, cyber security, and engineering. She has extensive experience in programming and engineering. She is the captain of her high school’s Science Olympiad Team, and she has also conducted extensive research at the National Cancer Institute and at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory. At the NCI, she analyzed databases of drug combinations and their effects to determine whether these databases could be used to develop more comprehensive treatment plans. She presented her findings at the American Nuclear Society. At JHU APL, she is developing a home security system that relies on WiFi waves to detect motion in order to make home security more cost-effective and widespread. She will be presenting this project at the 9th IEEE ISEC conference in March at Princeton University. Her goal is to use technology and social outreach to spark STEM interest in other girls and in disadvantaged students to increase the spectrum of diversity in STEM fields. Currently, she is working towards this goal as the co-founder and president of Volunteers In Science and Technology, a mentoring program that allows high school students from diverse backgrounds to mentor middle school students and increase STEM interest through encouraging them to compete in local science competitions. In addition, Sadhana recently led a three-person team from her high school to develop assistive technology for a small coffee shop that employs people with developmental disabilities. Sadhana also loves to compete in cybersecurity and computer science competitions such as ACSL, CSAW, CyberPatriot, and more. She is interested in pursuing a degree and career in computer science.