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Saachi is currently a junior at Illinois Math and Science Academy (IMSA). She has been interested in computer science since seventh grade, when she completed Harvard's CS50 programming course on the edX website. To pursue her passion for computer science, she has participated in the All-Star competition of American Computer Science League (ACSL) for the past two years. She also is a member of her school's project team, which strives to provide computer science education to underprivileged students. She has also been participating in the Student Inquiry and Research (SIR) program at her school under the guidance of her organic chemistry teacher, in which tests and designs models on the computer for soil microbes that exhibit resistance against pathogens. Aside from her academic passions, Saachi enjoys the Indian Classical Dance of Kathak, which she has been learning for 9 years and has performed at prestigious occasions. As for her future goals, Saachi has a strong enthusiasm for both computer science and chemistry. She aspires to become a chemical engineering that focuses on pharmaceuticals so that she can utilize both her skills in chemistry and computer science.