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Ruijia has always been passionate about technology or anything technology related. She knew how to code HTML and is working on her Java Script. She is very outgoing and optimistic all the time. Ruijia loves to volunteer to help others as much as she can. She dedicated herself to volunteer 2 hours a week for almost the past year. She has accumulated about 50 hours of charity work. Ruijia is also an innovator at The Knowledge Society (TKS). In the Knowledge Society she can learn about different technology in develop or just the most exciting technology till this time. She have taken 3 TKS courses online through the TKS website including Artificial Intelligent, Alternative Energy and Brain Computer Interface. She is passionate about Alternative energy and decided to dig deep. She is soon going to public articles about her findings and she write a monthly newsletter every month for all her achievements as a person. The final goal of TKS is to make something of your own. She is dedicating herself to make a model of nuclear fusion machine and hopefully improve the lack of temperature control. Ruijia want to be in a computer-engineering program in university. Her dream is to make a nuclear fusion machine that is long lasting, won't ever melt down and will be able to give out power 24/7. Ruijia want to be the one to solve the global warming problem by providing another way of green energy!