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Riteka is a junior at Saint Francis High School, situated in Mountain View, California. Building on her computer programming skills, she has enjoyed tackling a multitude of programming languages over the years. Allured to high school robotics at first sight in her freshman year, she joined her high school’s robotics team, initially designing and building soccerbots for the intra-school competition, and due to her skill and commitment, she was selected for her high school FRC (First Robotics Competition) team. At the end of her sophomore year, she was selected to be a board member of the team, aiming to specialize in programming, and currently, she is leading team members in their designing of the soccerbots and is preparing for the FRC season. Furthermore, after two years on her GWC (Girls Who Code) team, she was chosen as a board member, preparing and teaching lessons to the members and helping them with their CS projects. With her fellow leaders, this summer and recently in October, she organized two immensely successful hackathons, AnitaHacks at Netflix and Adahacks at Google respectively, recruiting approximately 100 attendees for each, both valuable accomplishments for her in spreading her love of computer science to other women. Furthermore, she was also hired to teach computer science to elementary school students over the past summer and is also currently working at that organization, providing her an opportunity to inspire younger students to experience computer science. In addition, she has participated in Technovation for the past two years, garnering a quarterfinalist standing. She and her team created an app that aids children diagnosed with autism with their communication skills and etiquette, and an app that serves as a conversation aid for people with language barriers. When she’s not programming, she loves dancing and doing art, especially painting. Riteka plans to go to college, extremely interested in majoring in biomedical engineering, desiring to be involved in computer science applications in computational modeling of CRISPR technology and 3D printing in relation to pharmaceutical engineering such as personalized drug delivery systems. She hopes that someday she can gain such skills and knowledge in biomedical engineering and help develop effective treatments for diabetes and degenerative diseases.