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Reyna is a senior at Cypress Springs High School in the suburbs of Houston. There she is the captain of the tennis team and studies computer science. She began learning to program with the guidance of two female teachers who instilled the idea in her that women have an equal right to study and work in the field. Reyna's passion for natural and programming languages began after studying Spanish for five years and later Java for three. When she first began coding, she did not understand the immense help that being genuinely interested in linguistics was. The areas of humanities and languages had always been her strongest in school, but computer science broke this pattern. Combining letters, numbers, and symbols to bring about functional output excited her and enabled her to work through the complexity of programming. After attending Code Longhorn, a programming summer camp at the University of Texas at Austin, she was only further convinced that her future consisted of computer science in some way. Reyna's goal is to one day be a part of the bridge between the abstract of computer science and its relevance to humanity. Still, she remains interested in humanities such as history and hopes to explore them in college both out of inherent interest and because of the benefit as a professional given by widening her breadth of knowledge and experiences. Although she has not made her college decision yet, she is excited to major in computer science this coming fall and begin a new chapter in her life.