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Becky has always had a passion for helping others. She founded Global Maker Initiative to combine her passion for technology, with her desire to make medical devices accessible. Global Maker Initiative is a platform for sharing instructions for do-it-yourself assistive devices. Becky has developed several assistive devices in conjunction with Global Maker Initiative, that range from a prosthetic limb concept, to an inexpensive electronic water purifier called Open Water, which is in the process of becoming certified Open Source Hardware. Through her work at Global Maker Initiative, Becky has had many opportunities to be an advocate for using technology to improve the lives of others. She has presented her work at World Maker Faire, Detroit Maker Faire, and 3D/DC, a 3D printing advocacy event in which members of congress join to learn about this disruptive technology and its implications in society. Becky also recognizes the need for equity in technology education. As a resident of rural Caroline County, she saw a need for computer science classes to be readily available, even if the school didn’t provide them. She started DIVAS Who Code, an after school robotics class series to provide an opportunity for girls at her high school to become immersed in technology. During Becky’s summers, she interned at a cancer research lab at Virginia Tech. She used her 3D printing know how to develop novel synthetic tumor models using a 3D printer modified to print biocompatible materials. The purpose of her research was to find the root environmental causes of cancer. She presented her work at the Virginia Academy of Science Engineering and Medicine Undergraduate Symposium. Becky is currently an intern at Nation Of Makers, a maker advocacy non-profit, where she has made a working list of every makerspace in the United States. She coordinated data collection between dozens of state ambassadors to come up with an accurate list. She also works at the Animal Hospital part-time after school. Going forward, hardware development will be central to Becky’s career trajectory. Becky would like to use her knowledge to continue to eliminate access gaps and solve big problems. She hopes to one day scale an assistive device solution and implement it in communities around the world.