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Rebecca is a senior at Highland Park High School. Because of her love for STEM, throughout high school she has taken two AP computer science courses, multiple AP/honors math and science courses, and an honors engineering course. Outside of class, she is extremely passionate about advocating for gender equality, especially in computer science. She is co-president and co-founder of a coding club at her high school called GirlsCode, which advocates for closing the gender gap in computer science while empowering young women to enter STEM fields. GirlsCode was created at the end of the 2017/2018 school year and has already reached 200 members. Over the summer of 2018, Rebecca taught herself Python and created detailed lesson plans in order to prepare for GirlsCode. Each week, members tackle coding through collaborative problem-solving. Rebecca recently planned a Code-A-Thon for elementary and middle school students in her community, which took place at her town's local library. She is also co-president of the Girl Up chapter at her high school, which advocates for local and global gender equality. Rebecca would like to pursue an interdisciplinary undergraduate education in the fields of computer science, economics, and business.