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Rebecca Hoffart has been an educator since 1996, but entered CS education only in the past five years, at which point she confirmed her life's passion. A longtime member of CSTA as a library/media specialist, she embraced the infusion of technology into media center programs and recognized the importance of teaching both programming/coding and soft skills such as presentation and teamwork. As an international semifinalist CyberPatriot coach of an all-girls middle school team, she brings her strong interest in cybersecurity to a new generation. For this school year's competition she added a high school level team. As a grants administrator and grant program coordinator, she is able to fund and manage multiple programs to enhance computer science outreach, especially to girls and especially to girls from underserved populations. As a STEM fair project mentor, she has seen 100% gold medal wins from her students. As an advisory board member for Sprigeo, an anti-bullying reporting service, she works to give hope to those suffering from negative peer feedback on their aspirations. As a preK-12 educator, she is working to ensure that coming generations of U.S. Virgin Islanders will have access to developing all the technology skills needed to excel internationally. Rebecca has presented at national level conferences - the National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE) in Fall, 2016 and has been selected to present at the CSTA conference this summer. She is also a certified Cyber Teacher.