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During Pamela’s sophomore year, she took an AP Computer Science class and the AP test. She thought the coding she did was fun, so she took Data Structures her junior year. One of the projects she created in Data Structures was an email scanner, which could check downloaded emails for secret messages. She also created a program that could process credit card numbers and reveal the type of credit card. Additionally, she made a program that would output the shortest and longest routes of going to all her classes, as well as a maze generator. All of these projects were done in java, but at the end of her junior year, Pamela created a game in python, where a Dory fish had to evade sharks. The summer after her junior year, Pamela attended First Bytes, where she and her project team completed Project Illuminate. The program they created took in a message in English, translated it into ASCII decimal code values, and flashed the values through LED lights. Pamela also visited several companies, which encouraged her to study computer science. She felt very comfortable at the software companies and felt like she would work well in such environments. Through First Bytes, Pamela also was encouraged to study at UT Austin after high school. She felt like she could connect well with the campers and counselors, and it seemed like UT Austin would provide a lot of support for Pamela in her major. She also liked that Austin provided many opportunities for software development internships. Finally, this year she has an internship at a company that creates and programs medical devices. She has recently been using LabVIEW to create a program that converts a medical implant's data such as pulse polarity impedance tracking, and pulse amplitude from binary to human readable text so that the client can analyze it. So far, Pamela’s internship is her favorite part of this school year, and she definitely wants to be a part of software companies during and after college.