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Paige is a hard-working student in her junior year at Mukwonago High School. She continues to further her knowledge in computer science at, as well as away from school. She is currently a member of the I.T Academy at her school, which is a club that provides students with opportunities to explore careers in the field of computer science through job shadows and internships. In school, Paige has taken numerous classes focussing on topics such as computer programming and game design. Her familiarity with various computer languages like Python, C++, and Javascript allows her to create a variety of programs; she particularly enjoys designing and developing computer games. Over the summer, Paige was invited to attend the Congress of Future Physicians and Medical Scientists in Boston, MA where she was inspired by the integration of technology in the medical field, with innovations such as 3D printed organs and nanotechnology. Aside from computer science, some of Paige’s interests include art, photography, soccer, and architecture. After high school, Paige intends to attend a four-year university where she will continue to pursue her passion for design and computer science in the succeeding years.