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Omika is a senior at Ridgefield High School who has dedicated the majority of the past 7 years of her life to bridging the gender gap in technology which so often leaves women extremely disadvantaged. In January of 2016, she created Leap Into Technology, which was originally a series of classes for young girls she and a fellow student held at her local library. However, popular demand to keep growing the program has led Omika to develop an adaptive curriculum that is being utilized by over female Leap Into Technology members worldwide. In the past year, Leap Into Technology has hosted a series of panels that focus on bringing working women in tech into contact with middle schools girls to create female role-models for the girls to look up to. You can also find Omika volunteering for many large scale #WomenInTech advancement groups such as CSforAll, ProjectCSGIRLS, and Girls Who Code. She pushes the educational boundaries set by her high school, and has pursued out-of-the-classroom instruction in physical engineering (that is, soldering and circuit building), programming, and various mathematics courses including multi-variable calculus and differential equations, all at local universities. When she's not advocating for greater female representation in tech, you can find Omika fingerpainting, mathematical modeling, debating, behind a witness stand at mock trial, leading political discussions in Spanish, volunteering for a continental cultural nonprofit, or fervently working on her college applications. These college applications will hopefully get her into a wonderful CS program where she can continue to push for equal representation in tech, all the whilst balancing the effervescing start-up ideas she's been juggling for years.