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Olivia is very passionate about digital media. She works very hard on her pieces and is always pushing herself to do better and learn new skills. She started doing digital art in middle school, and started out joining a small art community where she gained a good online following. She has very recently moved on to an instagram account to sell, commission, and show of her work. She has also been commissioned by people in her community to do pieces. Since she started the Ctec program she has really showed an interest in 3D modeling programs. She looks up to her uncle who works as a video game designer for a very successful company. Olivia has been really into concept art, and 3D modeling and rendering characters and environments. Olivia would like to pursue a career as a video game designer and work with her uncles company. To get there, she wants to finish her core credits at SLCC and would like to go to the University of Utah to study game design and receive a bachelor's degree.