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Oceana L.K. Oceana has been an AMSAT student at Ed. W. Clark Magnet High School in Las Vegas, NV. She is a Senior student. Due to her mother’s previous profession as a Computer Programmer/ Business Analyst in Wall Street, Manhattan, New York. she got to be interested in computer programming and in business analysis. She is now applying to a university to earn her combined degree in business and computer programming and then to work in financial sector. Oceana are fluent in both English and Mandarin Chinese and has strong language skill in Japanese; therefore, she hopes to represent internationally well-known tech companies in the US to work overseas. Besides her strong academic performance, Oceana likes to join pageant contests. So, she has won awards such as National Talent, Spokes-model, and Miss America's Miss Summerlin Outstanding Teen in different years. Not only does she play Chinese Zither on a certified level of 8-9/10, but she also plays flute. In addition to learning music in different cultures, she has been dancing ballet since she was five years old and learning Modern dance and K-pop! For board games, she enjoys playing both Monopoly and Chess. Oceana has volunteered at a local hospital for close to three years. Oceana has traveled extensively since she was four years old.