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Neeha first gained her interest in elementary school when her class had begun a project relating to LEGO robotics. She, along with her classmates, coded a LEGO car that was able to perform in races with other classes and a series of obstacles. Ever since then, her love for coding and exploring the amazing field of computers only grew. In 6th grade, Neeha participated in FBC^3 (Fort Bend Computer Coding Club) at her school, where she learned to program using the programs Turtle Art and Scratch. She continued with this passion throughout middle school by participating in annual Scratch competitions and engineering fairs. Currently, as a junior, Neeha continues to be a member of the Computer Science club and now the Director of Activities of her school's Girl Bytes Club, an organization dedicated to foster excitement and curiosity in technology among young girls by holding weekly learning sessions and workshops at middle schools in the area. Additionally, Neeha is a President’s Assistant of her school's National Spanish Honor Society, a club supporting the spread of the Hispanic language and culture. Neeha is also currently an officer of Mu Alpha Theta and National Honor Society. In her free time, she enjoys playing the piano, having friendly games of tennis with her friends, spending time with her family, and, of course, coding! Neeha plans to pursue a career relating to statistics and computer science, leaning towards the field of actuarial science and finance.