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I grew up in the Philippines and graduated with a Degree in Information Technology. After College, the company where I served as an Intern absorbed me to be one of their Instructors. I trained teachers and Administrators during summer and I had been sent to 3 schools to help with their Computer Education curriculum. I was not supposed to stay long because I wanted to be a programmer. However, I enjoyed what I was doing. I also wrote a book as part of the Computer Education Series for 5th grade for FNB Educational Publishing House. I came to United States in 2003 to teach Business Education. Later on, due to my background in programming, I was asked to teach Computer Programming in 2011. It was very hard at first because only 1% of students knew what we were supposed to do in this class. With the school’s support, we were able to get more students to enroll in the course. I had relentlessly worked with the administration to encourage young ladies to enrol in STEM courses like Computer Science. Right now, we offer Pre AP and AP Computer Science and I get to teach these wonderful, amazing gifted students. I also coach a UIL Team and we get to compete with other schools in Houston. I spend my summers doing AP Reading and teaching Coding to Middle School kids. This is my 25th year teaching and I am glad that I chose to take this path.