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Natalie is an avid coder and a current 11th grader at The New School. She is also concurrently enrolled at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville. She has been coding prolifically since the 9th grade and has used this skill in her work. At her summer job, she created a program that would help organize and validate address data. She later went on to win the fall 2018 J.B Hunt hackathon against college graduates after coding a chatbot that utilized machine learning, leading her to her current job working as an information services intern at J.B Hunt. She is now working on a neural network project that will predict one's thoughts using EEG data. After graduating high school, she plans to attend college in California. Her top schools are Pomona, Stanford, or anywhere else with a solid computer science program. In the future, she will most likely go into a job in data analytics, applying neural networks and data scraping techniques to predict market fluxes.