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Natalie is an avid coder and a current 12th grader at The New School. She is also concurrently enrolled at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville. She has been coding prolifically since the 9th grade and has used this skill in her work. She has worked diligently at J.B Hunt after winning the J.B Hunt hackathon in the fall of 2018. At her job she's worked on a variety of projects, from web development, to oauth backends, to mobile development. She has also used her job as an opportunity to volunteer at other J.B Hunt sponsored hackathons and help beginning coders gain skills and confidence in the field. Outside of work, she has also done extensive research into electroencephalography and how to analyze this data with neural networks. With her research, she has given talks at her local high school as well as at Arkansas Tech Fest about her research. In her free time she likes to compete in various hackathons, winning first in the Jolt cybersecurity competition and second at Shell on the border (another cybersecurity hackathon). After graduating high school, she plans to attend college in California. Her top schools are Pomona, Stanford, or anywhere else with a solid computer science program. In the future, she will most likely go into a job in research to help develop AI in an ethical manner.