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Mana got her start in computer science when she discovered MIT’s Scratch in elementary school. She believes children should be exposed to programming at a young age, because it is a fundamental skill like reading, writing, and math. To this end, she has organized multiple Scratch workshops to teach basic computing principles to elementary and middle schoolers. A passionate teacher, Mana also ran a volunteer tutoring initiative at her local elementary school. Mana started by building games in Scratch for fun, and later developed a passion for creating tech-based solutions to unaddressed problems in society. Over the past few years, she taught herself app development and took online courses in Python and web development so she could pursue her projects. Previously, Mana worked on a positive news app to highlight the good things happening in this world. She is currently working on a solution to help homeless women obtain personal hygiene products through a network. Mana plans to attend college and pursue a combination of computer science, general STEM, and the social sciences. Studying the humanities is deeply important to Mana because understanding human nature is a key part of her ultimate dream: to keep inventing new technologies that tangibly improve the lives of people in need. Along the way, she also hopes she can be a mentor to others and an inspiration to younger girls just like her.