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"W-H-Y". This was Naomi's first word. Her parents and teachers have answered her countless questions ranging from flubber and the internet to organic chemistry and nuclear energy. At 5, her interest in science was sparked through camps at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry and LEGO Robotics competitions. Her family played a huge role in shaping her passion for science. Her dad forced her to think outside the box and come up with innovative ideas to everyday problems while her mom encouraged her to pursue her goals and work hard. Her older brother, Priyam, has always been their to bounce ideas off of and offer advice. At a young age she realized that she was one of few girls who took part in Lego Robotics tournaments and computer science classes. However, with the support of her family and teachers she is glad that she stuck with it because now she knows that she wants to pursue a career in it. Towards this goal, she has completed several college-level classes including Calculus, Statistics, and Engineering Physics, and is currently taking Chemistry and Java. What she is most proud of is her recent accomplishment as a winner in the Inaugural Google Science Fair. She has subsequently been invited to present her research and novel mathematical model at many Environmental Health conference in the US, and internationally. She was also invited to Washington DC where she presented to President Obama, EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson, Directors of NIH, among other government administrators. She has realized the importance of computers and technology in every walk of life. Her dream is to become an inventor and entrepreneur with a passionate focus on environmental public health. She wants to use science and engineering to innovate; making human life easier and more efficient, but sustainably. Beyond high school, she aspires to major in Environmental Engineering followed by a Ph.D research program. Her interests in science and engineering stemmed from the countless hours she spent at the science museum playing with flubber and robots, but it has grown into a passion that has been fueled by the environmental science research and mathematical modeling she has recently delved into which can have a positive impact on everyone's quality of life. An interesting fact about her is that she has been a vegetarian all her life and has traveled to about 20 countries.