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Monica has had a major technical accomplishment that she was very proud of. During her computer science engineering class she was assigned to make a website using HTML/CSS. Her website came out extremely detailed more so that her website was chosen out of her group to be presented to the class. Monica sees her future in college studying Computer Science. Her future job surrounds the idea of Software Developer since she has always had a passion for math, science, and computers. The projects she would like to be studying is anything with the background of either computer science in military services or CSI or any video game development. She had always had a passion for figuring out why things do what they do. Why do computers work or why does the internet work? She wants to dig deeper into the field of computer science and will put 100% commitment, and herself, into that goal. Monica had the opportunity to lead her middle school VEX Robotics team to victory. She worked on a lot of aspects of the robot and in 8th grade drove the robot alongside her partner. Monica sees this as a huge achievement in her life because it takes so much dedication and commitment to creating a robot around restrictions. It helped her realize that in order to achieve your goal/ dream is not to sit around and wait for it to happen but take every opportunity that is thrown at you because once you find the perfect catch many good things will happen.