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Molly is a junior at Newark Academy in New Jersey. She is a diligent and self-motivated student looking to make an impact on her surrounding community. After visiting her grandfather's hometown and noticing their scarce access to technology, Molly decided that she wanted to give underprivileged kids (like kids in his hometown) an opportunity to explore their passions in STEM. This trip was the inspiration behind Techshare Project, now a global 501(c)3 organization with over 70 members dedicated towards introducing underprivileged communities to STEM. Molly is very passionate about entrepreneurship having started Techshare and another initiative to empower girls to pursue entrepreneurship and technology called GirlTechBoss. Through her entrepreneurial ventures, she hopes to inspire others to address issues communities and ultimately make a difference in society. Molly's interest in technology and computing is very apparent, as she is self-taught in HTML, Java, and XCode. Using these aquired skills, she loves experimenting with various coding side projects. She has built numerous school-related apps and websites for companies.