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Molly is a sophomore at Newark Academy in Livingston, New Jersey. She is a diligent and self-motivated student looking to make an impact on her surrounding community. After visiting her grandfather's hometown and noticing their scarce access to technology, Molly decided that she wanted to give underprivileged kids in his hometown an opportunity to explore their passions in STEM. She founded the non-profit TechShare, dedicated to providing underprivileged kids an exposure to STEM. Currently, she builds computers using Raspberry Pi and is looking to send a few to his hometown. In addition, she is extremely passionate about entrepreneurship. She is self-taught in HTML, Java, and XCode. She has built numerous school-related apps like a grade calculator and platform for exchanging books and websites for her company as well as helped others with web design. Following her interest in entrepreneurship, she attended LaunchX, a 4-week extensive entrepreneurship program at MIT with a group of incredibly accomplished high schoolers from all around the world. There, she co-founded a real-time data company called Rentagz which streamlines the process of pulling over rental cars by allowing police officers to access background information of an individual driving a rental car before they approach the car. Rentagz is working with Avis Group and LAPD to implement in LA. In the future, she wants to continue empowering others to get involved and make a change in their communities.