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Moe Myint Kyal

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Moe greatest technical accomplishment was when she participate in CES (The International Consumer Electronics Show). Moe shares her idea with judges and school around Las Vegas. She is also part of FBLA club in her School, and she volunteers in class and organizations. She is also part of community services. Moe also created a logo and products for NGO (Non-governmental organization) represented to her country (BURMA). She keeps her head straight for her future and planes. Moe future plane is to join US Air Force after her graduation in 2020. She wants a job as Cyber Security and Systems operations in Air Force. Her main goals to help peoples around the world and her own country with her education. Moe is also planning to travel around the world and helps people with her technology. Moe will be attending to community college while she is serving in the military for the country. Moe also likes study projects about new technology and web design, and graphic design. Moe is attending in Southwest CTA, and her main program is Web Design, and she is very familiar with coding. Moe did create a lot of websites and graphic designs. Moe wants to become part of NCWIT so that she can share around the world for this community and she can inspire women in technology and share her experiences.