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Miranda was born and raised in Houston Texas. In her life, she has been blessed with several different leadership positions. Her sophomore year, she took on the role of stage manager in her high school theater productions, and later in her junior year took on the role of being assistant director. She also lead a young leaders group at her school called Fish Camp, in which showed the freshmen at her high school how they could be leaders in their daily lives through fun activities. Her proudest accomplishment however, has been her new company Sister Sticks that she shares with 4 other dedicated classmates and friends. Sister Sticks is a non profit that sells cute stickers, and all of the profit is donated to a local charity in Houston to help people "stick" together. She had so much fun setting up the business, but most of all, creating and continuing to run the website. Miranda plans to attend a university in the state of Texas and study computer science. The topic of computers has interested Miranda since the beginning of her freshmen year of high school. She is really excited to see what the next chapter in her life will look like.