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Mia has participated in a variety of STEM orientated programs, including HOSA, MESA, Racing the Sun Solar Go-Kart, Girl Power, Girls Have IT and University of Arizona Youth robotics, bioengineering, and public health camps. Her greatest technical accomplishment to date is when she participated in MESA's national competition, the Arduino prosthetic arm. She was team captain and was able to help create a 3D printed arm. She is also very proud of the presentation created to describe their engineering process. In recent years, Mia has become highly interested in the science part of STEM, with a specific passion for public health. This past summer, she participated in the KEYS Internship at the U of A, where she worked in a physiology lab to conduct and present research on diabetic retinopathy. She would like to attend the University of Washington because of its exceptional research department. She plans to get a degree in an undecided branch of biology and is particularly interested in studying diabetic treatment and hopes to better immigrant healthcare.