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Mia is senior at The Academy of Engineering and Technology (AET) and Stone Bridge High School (SBHS) in Loudoun County VA. At AET, Mia focuses her studies on information technology (IT). The IT students are required to design, develop, and conduct multiple research projects including an independent capstone project during their senior year. Mia completes the remainder of her non-technical courses (AP Latin VI, AP English Literature, AP Macro and Micro-Economics, and AP Civics) at SBHS. In the future, Mia plans to attend a university within the state of Virginia to study Computer Science with a focus on artificial intelligence, machine learning, and cybersecurity. At SBHS, Mia served as the President of the school’s Programming and Robotics Club during 2018-2019 and maintained the club’s website. She also served as Vice President of AET’s Competitive Programming Club. In addition, Mia was a member of the SBHS CyberPatriot competition team. Her team won 2nd place in the State of Virginia and 11th place in the nation. During the summer of 2019, Mia was invited to attend the State of Virginia Governor’s School for Mathematics and Science but instead chose to work as a Research Intern at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) Janelia Research Campus. She worked with a team of neuroscientists who attempted to identify which neurons in the brain control the movements of a mouse’s hand and foot. Mia tagged video data and ran an algorithm repeatedly attempting to predict the position of the mouse’s hand or foot when different areas of the mouse’s brain were stimulated. This research will eventually benefit human patients with brain injuries. From August 2018 to the present, Mia worked part time as a member of the Explainer’s Program within the Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum's Annex at Washington Dulles International Airport. Members of this program must become certified to present information to visitors and answer questions about the museum’s exhibits. Mia participated in NASA’s Virginia Space Coast Scholars summer learning program at NASA’s Wallops Island facility during the summer of 2018. To demonstrate that she had the knowledge and skills to successfully participate in this summer program, Mia completed a rigorous course during her sophomore year in high school that that included a capstone project titled Frequency of Lunar Meteorite Impacts. She developed a plan for a lunar mission that was designed to assess the likelihood that lunar meteorites would collide with, and have a devastating effect on, spacecraft, astronauts, or buildings located on the Moon’s surface. During the summer of 2018, Mia also spent a week working as a congressional aide for Congresswoman, Brenda Lawrence (14th District of Michigan). Mia gained experience helping the congresswoman respond to constituent requests and, because of Mia’s STEM background, she drafted a position paper on the topic of net neutrality and learned that the Federal government will play a major role in determining whether citizens living in rural areas in the US will have access to reliable and inexpensive Internet service. Outside of school, Mia serves as the Chair of the Student Advisory Committee for the Loudoun County Commission on Women and Girls. She also serves on the Girl Scout Council of the Nation’s Capital Area Board of Directors, as a member of the STEM committee, and is a Girl Scout Gold Award recipient. For the Gold award, Mia decided to use her love of technology to develop a partnership between AET and the local senior center. She began the project by developing a survey to assess the computing support needs for seniors. She analyzed the results to determine which areas to focus on and provide student support. She organized a team of Students from AET and SBHS to visit the local senior center to assist seniors with their technology needs. This partnership has been beneficial for both the students and the seniors.