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I have developed the Biotechnology Pathway at Newark Charter High School in Newark, Delaware. The pathway initiated in 2014 and has continued to evolve and expand. Biotechnology incorporates so many career domains. Our curriculum touches on all the domains such as industrial, agricultural, pharmaceuticals, with a focus on medical and diagnostic biotechnology. Students in the biotechnology pathway are encouraged to take computer and statistics courses as Bioinformatics is an innovative career area that integrates both biotechnology and the computer pathway. I am the advisor to HOSA, the organization associated with the pathway. Originally, I advised students in FFA, the organization first aligned with the pathway. Students in both HOSA and FFA at NCS have earned National recognition. In 2016, Delaware Bioscience awarded me the Biotechnology Educator of the Year award. Prior to taking on the challenge of developing such an exciting pathway, I taught biology for ten years and seventh grade life science for 12 years. I always encouraged STEM as I served as the Science Olympiad advisor for ten years leading the NCS team to six trophy wins with such diverse science competitions. I earned both my biology degree and masters of instruction at the University of Delaware.