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Meiri first put her passion for computer science to work three years ago when she began creating websites for local businesses. By working with businesses and creating what they wanted, Meiri was able to turn her passion into a job. This real world experience helped Meiri to see how businesses use the web to better their presence as a company. Now Meiri is currently working on applying her computer science skills to a science project on how making a rocket spin will affect their stability, accuracy, and altitude. This difficult project has taught her how to be resourceful, resilient and has truly pushed her limits in computer science. In hopes of encouraging more girls to be interested in computer science Meiri is a TA for a science enrichment program at her school. She is helping girls to be more engaged in the science by organizing such events as a cosmetic chemistry workshop or a Skype session with a scientist from La Mer. Meiri also applies her computer knowledge through her work with the international nonprofit Free the Children. She wants to study more science and engineering, hopefully go to grad school, and do something that will increase social justice and benefit society.