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In high-school, her academics are highly STEM focused. She always excels in Math-and-Science. Outside classroom, she enjoys soccer because soccer is extremely physical, highly competitive and teamwork dependent. Outside high-school, she enjoys piano which strengthens inner-discipline, mental-alertness, pattern-recognition, rhythm-appreciation and physical-agility. Over the 2016-17-18 summers, she interned with Tri-Sen, specializing in Turbo-Machinery-Control hardware-and-software products. In 2018, she actually traveled faraway to Singapore (Land of Crazy Rich Asians) to intern with Tri-Sen-Singapore, to appreciate working with foreign customers, culture, food, language and country. Growing up all her life in Houston-Texas, she always dream of working in booming industries like health-care (UTMB), aerospace (NASA), oil-and-gas (Shell, Exxon, Chevron) because they all look so challenging and high-tech. She mistakenly believe that the one-and-only-way is to either become a doctor or astronaut or oilman. Recently, after attending First-Bytes, Computer-Science summer residential-camp hosted by UT-Austin, she learned that she could work in virtually any industry, become 3-in-1 with Computer-Science. Since then, she re-kindle her passion in engineering and re-approach this career-goal by majoring in Computer-Science, especially applying artificial-intelligence, computer-engineering, and robotics in surgery-rooms, or aerospace, or deep-sea exploration. She’ll be a game-changer in this specialized field because she believes the future belongs to innovative engineers who can integrate hard-core data-driven STEM fundamentals with soft-core skill-sets like visual appreciation of 3D-arts, audio understanding of music's therapeutic rhythms, and physical human-touches (or tackles) inherent with competitive sports.