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Megan is a senior at Mason High School and the executive director of the Mason HS Hack Club, which has organized volunteer community programs to raise awareness about technology and is the executive director of CincyHacks, Cincinnati's first high school hackathon. She also raised over $24,000 for Hack Chicago, the Midwest's largest high school hackathon, as the Head of Sponsorship & Finance, making the event free of cost for 250 student hackers. She has won multiple tech awards, placing third overall at RevolutionUC in 2017 and "Best HS Hack" in 2016, along with earning the UC CECH Award in Computer Science (2016) and Skanska Award in Computer Science (2016). She also plays the flute, enjoys petting her cat, and participates in public forum debate at her high school. She will be attending Harvard University in the fall of 2019 and plans on studying computer science, philosophy, and economics.