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Mason (Macy)

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Macy is actively involved with many musical activities but has a strong interest and passion for the computer programming field. She is in her schools' band, marching band, choir, and show choir. Also in school, she is taking two computer science courses and is in computer science club. Macy has always loved being around ACP (Alternate Curriculum Program) students. With this, she volunteers for a non-profit called Special Musicians, is in a school club called West Friends, and is a special Olympics Nebraska partner in Unified Track and Unified Basketball. A couple of my greatest accomplishments have been being selected for rotary honor roll, winning the spot for the International Blues Challenge Youth Showcase in Memphis Tennesse, and getting all A's last year. I would love to be an audio engineer in the future. With my degree, I would like to make something to help kids who are handicapped through music. I would attend a 4-year university, and right now, I would like to attend the Jeffery S. Raikes School at the University of Nebraska Lincoln.