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Her name is Maria, and she is currently in 11th grade at West High School. Maria is a person who likes to help others, no matter what their problems are, they can go from needing to borrow a pencil to needing listening and giving advice to someone. Maria likes to solve problems, watch movies, listen to music, she is really into fashion and has a passion for kids. Although she loves kids, Maria is a wonderful math students and would like her career to be in the business field. She has always said her future plans are to graduate from high school and go straight into college. At the beginning, she wanted to graduate early but decided to stay all four years in high school and graduate with her class. Her reasoning was, she wanted to join the IB Diploma program, when she applied she got accepted therefor she will be graduating in 2021. An amazing quality Maria has is, when she puts her mind to something she does everything in her power to achieve it. Going back to how Maria likes helping others, she is currently the Vice President of her Latinos In Action program at West High.