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Madeline is the co-president of her High School's Coding Gals club, a program that, like Girls who Code, strides to provide young women in tech an opportunity to learn to code, met professionals in different tech fields, and empower members through weekly meetings. She is incredibly proud of everything the club has accomplished, including programming drones and participating in Carnegie Mellon's Hackathon. She's also the co-president of her school's Gender Sexuality Alliance (GSA) club, where she's thrilled to use technology to help and connect LGBTQIA+ students. Madeline also competes in Mt. Lebanon's science olympiad, in events such as herpetology, write it do it, boomilever, and codebusters. Her love of computer science stemmed from her middle school Business Information Technology (BIT) class, which allows students to take an independent path of study. There she learned python to the extent that she skipped Introduction to Computer Science 1 and went straight to Honors Introduction to Computer Science 2, which she got a 99% in. Madeline hopes to attend college and receive a major in software engineering, a goal she has maintained since eighth grade. She also hopes to study video game design while at college, because she attended a summer camp, Tech ID, at Carnegie Mellon to learn about programming games in Virtual Reality. The resulting game was a dragon slaying simulator, in which the player got a sword they could move freely in order to slay an animated Dragon. Overall, she hopes her future job will entail empowering women through the use of technology, and she's more than willing to work hard for it.