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When Lyndsey was in the eleventh grade, the opportunity arrived to take AP Computer Science Principles at her small school. This was the first year that the class was ever an option. Lyndsey and a few other students decided that Computer Science was a great opportunity to take advantage of. While taking this class, she was able to participate in the Hour of Code; she taught coding lessons with grades 3rd to 6th during the CS Education week in 2016. At this time, Lyndsey was able to recruit younger students and older students to take on computer science for its benefits in our technological age. While in this class, she was able to take on several Computer Science coding projects, and maintained an A in the class year around. As the school year came to an end, Lyndsey soon took the AP exam, scored a 4 out of 5 on it, was credited 4 college hours, and was given $100 dollars for her success in AP Computer Science Principles. Currently, Lyndsey is enrolled in the College of Art and Design at Louisiana State University majoring in Digital Art. In Digital Art, Lyndsey is able to combine her artistic ability and her computational knowledge to further her aspirations in computing.