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Edited 2019-10-02: Liz now works as a Junior Web Producer at The Lynx Group, a medical journal and magazine publisher, maintaining the company's brand websites and email marketing system. She was hired on July 30, 2019, and it's her first real full-time job in her field. Liz graduated magna cum laude from Rutgers University in May 2019 majoring in Information Technology and Informatics with the game production and innovation specialization and minoring in Digital Communication, Information, and Media. She has been coding since her junior year of high school, but has loved computers ever since she started using them. She enjoys creating games, and painting digitally, but her true passion has been web development and design since her sophomore year of university. She is not only bilingual in Spanish and English and a lover of French and German but also a polyglot for programming languages like Java, Javascript, and C# and uses HTML and CSS extensively for web development. Other technologies she has learned are jQuery, some PHP, AJAX, WordPress, Jekyll, and her first programming language, Visual Basic. She volunteered to work on a non-profit organization's website using WordPress in the past, and she also developed multiple websites for fun and school such as her portfolio website that she built from scratch and a web app for her final group project in Advanced Web Design Technologies that uses a location input to search for jobs and companies in the area and pin them on an interactive map, among others. Currently she is blogging and practicing her web design skills further by creating blog themes for WordPress and the Tumblr micro-blogging site and community, where she is thrilled to see so many other web designers share their knowledge and creations for free. Liz is hungry to learn and acquire new skills that will improve her creations and let her do more to better her chances at landing a fulfilling job in this field. Ultimately, the most fulfilling thing for her would be to provide something useful and beautiful that the world would love. Liz is a Cuban-American, and her love of languages was actually what first pulled her attention towards programming languages, followed by her love of horror video games and her curiosity about the creation of what she considers "interactive works of art". In high school, Liz was in the French Honor Society where she served as graphic designer on the board and had been known to work tirelessly through the afternoon on assignments as far as her perfectionism allows. She was also part of her school's literary magazine IMAGES, which accepted some of her traditional and digital artwork for their 2014 issue. She participated for her school's Computer Club and its female chapter I.T. Girls Club by, for example, serving as an assistant for Code.Org's 2014 Week of Code, helping to introduce students to programming in the school's library. She was also very into writing, and one of the things she considers an accomplishment from her childhood is writing a 53-page fanfiction based on the PC horror game "Amnesia: Justine". In 2015, Liz won an affiliate award in NJ for the NCWIT Aspirations in Computing competition as well as a scholarship from the Entertainment Software Association Foundation scholarship program. In 2018, she volunteered to be a reviewer of NCWIT Aspirations in Computing high school applications, and she is so proud to see what other young women have done in the world of technology.