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Lilly is a senior at Kirtland High School. As President of both Student Council and Key Club—in addition to being an active member of Math Club, National Honors Society, and Academic Challenge—she enjoys being involved in her school community. Her proudest accomplishment as a programmer is creating a system that mimics the periodic table and outputs reactants or products based on user-given information. Lilly is incredibly grateful to her computer science teacher for inspiring her to pursue a subject area she would have never otherwise considered. Her teacher encouraged her to be resilient, even when faced with complicated problems. Lilly proudly scored the highest score on both AP Computer Science Principles and AP Computer Science tests. She plans to attend college next year, as an aspiring neurologist or biomedical engineer, accompanied by a double major or minor in computer science. She is especially interested in the design of artificial organs within the body and the development of disabilities in the mind. Lilly is very excited for the future ahead of her.