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Letizia is an outstanding Senior at Timberline High School. She is the current President of FIRST Robotics Team V.E.R.N. three years running and a research associate at Boise State University, where her research is funded by NASA. She has extensive experience in the fields of Robotics and Computer Science. She published a paper at the IEEE 2019 Fall Vehicular Technology Conference. Additionally, Letizia has been working on a patent-pending sophisticated food service management system that applies to principles of machine learning through a mobile app to significantly reduce food waste and automate the food ordering process in school cafeterias. Letizia is an entrepreneur and innovator striving to start companies and foster high-tech development environments that revolutionize modern products. She has a passion for combining cutting edge knowledge in computer science and engineering in order to create new solutions that will meet the dynamic demands of our rapidly changing technological world.