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Letizia Moro was born in Italy and moved to the United States at the age of four. She is currently 17, and lives in Boise, Idaho attending Timberline High School as a Senior. As the President of FIRST Robotics Team V.E.R.N. for two years, she has gained valuable experience in the field of Robotics and Computer Science. She has applied this knowledge in being hired by Boise State University as a Student Researcher. Letizia, along with Dr. Hani Mehrpouyan, is working to develop a Wireless Robot Localization System. This past September, she had the amazing opportunity to present her research at the NASA University Leadership Initiative Meeting at North Carolina University. This year Letizia has begun to see herself as an innovator; striving to start companies and foster high-tech development environments that revolutionizes modern products. She has a passion for combing cutting edge knowledge in computer science and mechanics in order to create new solutions that will meet the dynamic demands of our rapidly changing technological world.