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Over the past several years, Mrs. Brommer has developed a computer science program of study for the students at Houston High School. Currently, Houston High offers six courses in computer science: Coding I, Coding II, AP Computer Science Principles, AP Computer Science A, Data Structures & Algorithms, and Cybersecurity. Mrs. Brommer is also the coach of Houston’s CyberPatriot teams. This is the fifth year for Houston to participate in the AFA CyberPatriot educational program and competition. This year, Houston had 5 teams with a total of 25 students participating. Over the past 3 years, Houston teams have finished in the top 3 teams in Tennessee for the State and the Semi-Final rounds. Many of the seniors who taken computer science courses at Houston have been accepted to the top computer science and cyber security programs at universities across the country, including Carnegie Melon University, MIT, Princeton University, Georgia Tech, and Purdue University. Mrs. Brommer is a member of the Computer Science Teachers Association and the Special Interest Group for Computer Science Educators, and certified to teach STEM in the state of Tennessee. Recently, she was recognized as an Albert Einstein Distinguished Fellows Semi-Finalist.