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Leanne has been an contributor to the world of technology since middle school. However, she truly started to take ownership of her technical knowledge once she entered high school and began to compete in various competitions that required her to learn new topics and skills by herself. In particular, she delved into the world of Web Development and won regional competitions with her websites. She learned various web languages and created and designed sites for leisure, pay, and competition. This then encouraged her to venture out and learn various programing languages, experiment in engineering and robotics, and perform research in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Since she entered the Texas Academy of Math and Science during her Junior year, she was exposed to various branches of Computer Science, and Leanne realized that she would like to study cognition patterns in both humans and computers. After TAMS, Leanne will attend a university for Undergraduate and Graduate studies with a specialty in Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Sciences. Her ultimate goal is to pursue a career in research or neural engineering so that together may find treatment for neurological diseases.